Student Leadership

Student Council

The aim of the Student Council is to provide a line of communication between students, management, staff and parents. It aspires to work in partnership for the benefit of the whole school community. Members of the Student Council are elected by their peers to represent the views of the school body. They are encouraged to be leaders within the school, to have an influence, and to be stakeholders in shaping and owning the vision for the school. Membership of the Student Council is currently open to all year groups in the school. An Assistant Principal in the school liaises with the student council.


Meitheal Programme

This programme is an anti-bullying mentoring programme for students in secondary schools. Senior cycle students receive training to equip them with the skills to become mentors for incoming First Year students. A programme based on pro-respect within the school community, and one enables students to take responsibility for the happiness of others and for the safety and well-being of all who share a school environment.
This training programme covers the areas of:
• Personal Development
• Outdoor team-building skills
• Bullying Awareness
• Communication skills and active listening skills
• Assertiveness skills
• Group Dynamics
• Group Management and Decision Making Skills
• An Assistant Principal in the school runs the Meitheal Programme.


Prefect System

Each year, the Year Head of 5th Year seeks nominations from staff and students for the names of twelve Fifth Year students to act as School Prefects for the following academic year. The final selection of students from this list results from a consultation process involving Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head and other relevant members of the school community.
These students are entrusted with important responsibilities and are given the full support of staff, parents and students in the exercise of the duties assigned to them.


Head Girl/Deputy Head Girls

These are the most significant student positions in the school and the choice of candidates reflects the high regard that they are held in by members of the school community. It is a 50/50 vote between the staff and the students of the year group.
The Head Girl and the two Deputies represent not just the students, but also the whole school community and must be capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and responsibilities from the everyday routine to meeting visiting dignitaries and public speaking at school events.


Junior Prefects

The second year prefects are voted for by their classmates at the beginning of the year. There are 2 prefects in each tutor class. Their jobs are mainly to pass on messages to their classes from teachers regarding various things.. They act as spokespeople for their classes in general. They their leaders with ideas on how generally to improve the school. They receive training at the beginning of the year on leadership skills.


Positivity Group

The Presentation Mental Health Awareness Team (Positivity Group) were founded in 2014, based on an idea forwarded by Senior Students while attending the Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador Award Ceremony. The aim of the group is the raise awareness of Positive Mental Health at Presentation Wexford, primarily creating a visible presence in the school community. Students achieve this through the Positivity Board, celebrating events such as World Mental Health Day and coordinating an annual whole school event ‘Happy Week’. Students apply after Easter each year to join the group through an application form/ interview process arranged and conducted by existing team members with assistance from the coordinating teacher. Stu-dents in Transition Year are eligible to apply for the positivity group.