School Ethos

Within the context of the Department of Education and Science regulations and programmes, the rights of the Trustees/Board of Management as set out in the Education Act 1998 (Section 15 (1), (2)) and the funding and resources available, the school supports the following principles:

  • Inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of students with a disability or other special educational needs.
  • Equality with respect to maximum access and participation in the school.
  • Parental choice in relation to choice of school, having regard for the characteristic spirit of the school.
  • Respect for the diversity of all beliefs & none, languages and traditions in society.

Presentation Secondary School, Wexford is a Catholic school, rooted in the ideals of its founder, Venerable Nano Nagle. As a school rooted in Catholic educational values, we expect nothing but excellence from ourselves as educators and ask the same of our students. We strive to be faithful to the founding intention of Venerable Nano Nagle and to the implications of what it means to be a Catholic school in today’s society. Therefore, Gospel values and the celebration of our ethos forms and informs how we treat all, Catholic and non-Catholic, within our school community.

All within our school community are called to reflect on their spirituality, to find meaning for his or her life, which is centred around others and a desire to do good. This is asked of all people whether they are of the Catholic faith tradition, other faiths or of none.


Religious Education

In Presentation Secondary School, Wexford, Religious Education plays a central role in the curriculum offered to students. We are committed to the importance of formal religious education, as it enables us to reflect on, explore and articulate what it means to be a Presentation school and a CEIST school.
At Junior Cycle, Religious Education is scheduled for three class periods, per week, from 1st year to 3rd year. In Transition Year, students take Religious Education for two periods per week. At Senior Cycle, Religious Education is scheduled for three class periods, per week, in 5th year and 6th year. Currently, Junior Cycle students take the subject for State Examination purposes, while Leaving Certificate students follow the prescribed non-examination syllabus.

The integrity of Religious Education class time will be protected and supported, as recently outlined by the Irish Catholic Bishops at their annual conference in January 2017.
All Religious Education teachers have a professional qualification in their field.
If a parent/guardian has concerns about the religious education of their daughter, then these concerns must be raised through appointment with the Principal, prior to accepting the offer of a place in the school.


Liturgical Celebration

Our school community gathers in Rowe Street/Bride Street churches and the Franciscan Friary for liturgies and celebration of the Eucharist throughout the school year:

  • Opening of school year Mass in September/October
  • Presentation Day celebrations (November 21st)
  • Biannual confessions in our school’s Prayer Room (during Advent and Lent)
  • Christmas Carol Service
  • Catholic schools week celebrations in January
  • Blessing of Throats on the feast of St Blaise
  • Distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday in the Prayer Room
  • 6th year Graduation Mass in the Franciscan Friary in May


Students are encouraged to play an active role in the celebration of the above

Students are encouraged to play an active role in the celebration of the above.
The liturgical year is also acknowledged in the implementation and design of the Sacred Space (outside the Study Hall). Important liturgical moments are celebrated and acknowledged through the year (Harvest, Advent, Christmas, New Year, Catholic Schools Week, Lent, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and May, the month of Mary).



The school’s religious chaplain is Fr Tom Dalton, Parish Priest of Riverchapel in north County Wexford. Fr Dalton has been chap-lain, in our school, since the 1990s. Fr Dalton makes himself available for the Opening of Year Mass, Presentation Day celebrations and the Graduation Mass, as well as for biannual confessions in school or as the need arises during the school year.
Since 2007, our school has also had a lay chaplain. He/she is seen as a faith presence in our school and coordinates activities, encourages faith formation and charity events outside of the classroom