Our Curriculum

One of the great advantages of a large school, such as ours, is that we can provide a wide range of subjects. In Junior cycle students study a broad range of subjects, since it will allow them to identify their strengths and preferences before having to focus their choices in second year and indeed into Leaving Certificate. Students will drop one of their subject when they progress into second year.
As a CEIST school, Presentation Wexford, promotes quality and excellence in teaching and learning. The educational needs of the students are identified and we endeavour to provide suitable programmes and curricula to meet the breadth of needs identified so that all students can participate with dignity and confidence. The school is committed in catering to the needs of the students so that the highest standards are achieved and maintained and all students have the opportunity to reach their own potential. The school promotes a culture of on-going professional and personal development.

State Examinations

The school is committed to supporting each student to achieve their potential in State Examinations. An Academic Council has been set up to oversee the change of levels for students between higher and ordinary level. It is expected that the majority of students will take examination subjects at higher level.
We expect that our pupils will achieve higher than the national average marks in all their subjects. To this end a report showing examination results achieved by Presentation Wexford pupils compared with national statistics will be prepared annually and will be reviewed by each subject department and each teacher.


Mixed Ability Classes

It is school policy to have ‘mixed ability’ classes in first year so as to allow students to settle into the school and to achieve their potential. Students will be banded in second year in core subjects like English, Irish and Maths on the basis of the Christmas and Summer results and on the recommendations of their teachers. At senior cycle students are streamed in 5th year for English, Irish and Maths.


Special Needs and Resource Teaching

Special Needs and Resource teaching is available to students who have been granted hours by the Department of Education on the basis of an educational assessment by a Department-recognised psychologist. If any student has been assessed in Primary School, please submit the assessment to the school on or before Admissions Day, so that we can request the hours from the Department. Please arrange to speak to a member of the Special Needs Department regarding any special needs requests.


Exemption from Irish

Only students who have an Official Exemption from Irish, granted by the Department of Education, are considered to be ‘exempt’ from the subject. Irish is mandatory for all other students. If you have been granted an exemption in National School, please submit a copy of the exemption to the school on or before Admission.



Success in second level demands the development of good study skills and the establishment of a consistent pattern of study, which includes homework, revision, exam preparation and self-directed learning.



Students should get into the habit of noting all of their homework in the School Journal. It is recommended that parents check the journal each night to ensure that this is being done and that each student is completing all of his/her homework assignments. A strong partnership between school and home contributes greatly to good standards in second level and will encourage students to work consistently. It is recommended that first year students study for 1.5 to 2 hours each night. Study should be done in a quiet environment without the distraction of T.V., conversation or music. An average week’s study should be a combination of homework, revision, exam preparation and self-directed learning.
It will not be possible on every evening to include all aspects, yet it is important that students learn the centrality of revision from the start of first year.
Supervised Study
Optional supervised study is available in school from Monday to Friday from 4.00 to 6.00pm, providing a structured environment conducive to productive study. Application forms will be available from the office in September.


Junior Cycle (3 years)

Students take the following subjects at Junior Cycle:
Irish*, English, Maths, Religious Education, History, Geography, Science, Business Studies, Physical Education, C. S. P. E. and S. P. H. E. In First Year, students also choose two subjects from Art or Music or Home Economics (in Second Year, students will then choose one subject from these two) and one Modern Language from French or German or Spanish. (*unless in cases where official exemptions apply under formal DES guidelines)
As part of the new Junior Cycle students all study Well Being – subjects include, Friends for Youth, Life Skills, Junior Cert Key Skills Module, ICT.
The school’s capacity to offer a particular non-core subject will depend on the resources available to the school and on the level of demand for that subject in any particular year.
Where applications for a particular subject exceed the number of places available, places will be offered on the basis of when preferences were expressed in writing to the Deputy Principal.
The Board of Management reserves the right to amend these provisions on an annual basis.


Transition Year (1 year optional)

The school offers Transition Year as an optional one year programme, which is designed to bridge the gap between Junior and Senior Cycles and to prepare students for adult life. Numbers are determined annually by the Board of Management. Admission criteria for interested students is outlined in the specific Admission Policy for Entry into the Transition Year Programme.

Leaving Certificate (2 years)

Students take the following core subjects in the Leaving Certificate:
Irish*, English, Maths, Religious Education, Careers/Guidance, Physical Education, Relationships & Sexuality Education
(*unless in cases where official exemptions apply under formal DES guidelines)


Subjects Offered


Leaving Cert Vocational Programme

This is an enhanced programme offered alongside the traditional Leaving Cert. Places on this programme are allocated on the basis of each student’s subject choices at senior cycle. Candidates study two modules over the two years: Enterprise Education and Preparation for the World of Work. Students then take an extra exam at the end of 6th Year with the possibility of achieving a further 70 points.
In addition to the above core subjects, students select four additional subjects from a list of options (see list below). The options offered are based on the choices of each group of incoming Fifth Year students and are designed to satisfy the choices of the maximum number of students possible.
The school’s capacity to offer a particular non-core subject will depend on the resources available to the school and on the level of demand for that subject in any particular year.
Where applications for a particular subject exceed the number of places available, places will be offered on the basis of order of preference and when completed Option Forms are returned to the Deputy Principal. Advice from the Guidance Counsellor to relevant students, their parent(s)/guardians and the Principal may also be considered, if appropriate.