Contacts within the School

Points of Contact within the school: 

Principal: Mr William Ryan
Deputy Principal: Ms Mary Dooley
• Deputy Principal: Ms Caroline Ryan

• In relation to Behaviour Management: The Year Head or Deputy Principal (Ms Dooley, Ms C Ryan)
• In relation to Curriculum issues: Ms Dooley (Deputy Principal)
• In relation to Career Guidance: Ms Brid Kavanagh, Mr Damien Nugent
• In relation to Pastoral Care issues: The Year Head or the Deputy Principal (Ms Dooley, Ms C Ryan)
• In relation to Attendance: Ms Bridget Ryan (Attendance Officer)
• In relation to Special Educational Needs: Ms Roisin Stenning, Ms Anna Carr, Ms Teresa Bradshaw, Ms Michelle Curran, Ms Ellen Sunderland

Middle Leadership Team:

  • Positive Behaviour Management co-ordinator: –  Brendan Brophy
  • Assessment co-ordinator II – Mock Examinations: –  Anne-Marie Byrne
  • Public Relations Officer: – Scott Gaynor
  • Board of Studies co-ordinator: – Keith Gilshinan
  • Programme co-ordinator (T.Y.): – Jacqueline Hartnett
  • Student Leadership co-ordinator: –  Brid Kavanagh
  • Assessment co-ordinator I – House Exams: – Maria Kenny
  • Junior Cycle Wellbeing co-ordinator: – Fiona Kinsella
  • School Planning II – Literacy & Numeracy: –  Donna Leacy
  • School Planning I – School Policies/School Plan: –  Gavan Lynch
  • E-learning & Digital Framework co-ordinator: – Mo O’Brien
  • Fiction Library co-ordinator: – Grainne Power
  • iPad programme co-ordinator: – Valerie Redmond
  • Primary School Liaison Officer & Community Development: – Joe Rolston
  • Attendance & Punctuality Officer: – Bridget Ryan
  • Junior Cycle Management Support: –  Ciaran Walsh
  • Wellbeing co-ordinator (whole school): – Vera Whelan
  • LCVP Coordinator: – Ann-Marie Byrne