General Information

Contacts within the School

Principal –Mr. W Ryan
Deputy Principal – Ms. M Dooley
Deputy Principal – Ms. C Ryan

In relation to Behaviour Management: The Year Head’s or Deputy Principal (Ms. Dooley, Ms. C Ryan )
In relation to Curriculum issues: Ms. Dooley (Deputy Principal)
In relation to Career Guidance: Ms B. Kavanagh, Mr. D Nugent
In relation to Pastoral Care issues: The Year Head or the Deputy Principal.
In relation to Attendance: The Attendance Office Mr. D McCarthy.
In relation to SEN: Ms. R Stenning, Ms. A Carr, Ms. T Bradshaw, Ms. M Curran
All contacts can be made through the school office
Office hours: 8.30 – 4.15 Mon. to Fri.
Office – 0539124133
Email –
Website –

General Information

Student Responsibilities
We want each student to receive a Holistic Education. We want you to be: Be ambitious, Always do your best, Have respect for people and property, Be prepared, Be in school every day – attendance and punctuality are crucial, Abide by the Code of Behaviour
Parental Responsibilities
We have a very good working relationships between our parents and the school. Please do not hesitate in making contact. It is a big change from Primary to Secondary School. If in doubt at all, please make contact. The sooner we know about issues the better. Some advice tips for parents of new 1st years. Help , Support ,Encourage, Protect, Set Boundaries. Be vigilant
School Uniform
Green knee length skirt or school trousers (official). V-neck bottle green jumper with school crest Two honey gold shirts, Green school jacket or fleece, Pair of flat black or brown school shoes, Bottle green or plain black socks or tights, Red school scarf, Home Economics – White Apron, Physical Education Uniform
School Day
1. School starts at 8.50am Monday – Friday
2. School closes at 3.50pm Monday, 3.30pm Tuesday – Friday
3. Break time is – Monday 10.50 – 11.00, Tues – Friday 10.50 – 11.02
4. Lunchtime – Monday – 13.08 – 13.50, Tues – Friday 12.30 – 13.30

The school has excellent facilities and a central location in Wexford town. To but a few facilities:
Concert Hall, Sports Hall, 3 Home Economics Rooms, 4 Science Labs (one new one to be built), Canteen, general purpose area, Junior and Senior classrooms, Music Room, 2 Art Rooms, 2 Computer rooms, Sensory room, Oasis room, Student Library