iPad Acceptable Usage Policy


In Presentation we acknowledge the support of our parents in the iPad initiative. We anticipate this support will continue and that this initiative will enhance teaching and learning for all participating students.This policy must be read in conjunction with the Presentation Secondary School’s Internet Acceptable User Policy (AUP) which is published on the Presentation Secondary School’s website: www.preswex.ie


Parents are responsible for purchasing the iPad and Apps for their daughter. Parents are also responsible for the safe-keeping, repair and insurance of their daughter’s iPad. Parents retain ownership and possession of the iPad and agree to grant to teachers and school management the right to collect and/or inspect and/or confiscate (for a limited period) the iPad at any time and the right to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware. Usage, within the school is a privilege and not a right. Students may lose their right to use the iPad and to have it in their possession if they abuse their responsibilities and breach this Policy, the school’s AUP.

Substitution of Equipment

In the event that a student’s iPad is inoperable, the school will try to provide a spare iPad or books for use while the student’s iPad is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for the substitute iPad. However, only one substitute iPad will be provided to a student at any one time. If a student damages, forgets to bring this replacement iPad to school, or comes to school with it uncharged, a substitute will not be provided.

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