Code of Behaviour

Good discipline in the school is required to create an atmosphere where each student feels secure and is taught to accept responsibility for her actions. In co-operation with parents, and in the spirit of Nano Nagle, the school is committed to working to build a sense of pride in the school and to foster respect for the whole school community.

The code of behaviour is the set of programmes, practices and procedures that together form the school’s plan for helping students in the school to behave well and learn well. The code of behaviour helps the school community to promote the school ethos, relationships, policies, procedures and practices that encourage good behaviour and prevent unacceptable behaviour. The code of behaviour helps teachers, other members of staff, students and parents to work together for a happy, effective and safe school. The code expresses the vision, mission and values of the school and its Patron. It translates the expectations of staff, parents and students into practical arrangements that will help to ensure continuity of instruction to all students. It helps to foster an orderly, harmonious school where high standards of behaviour are expected and supported.
The code of behaviour enables school authorities to strike an appropriate balance between their duty to maintain an effective learning environment for all and their responsibility to students whose behaviour presents a challenge to the teaching and learning process. The code of behaviour is a key tool in enabling the school authorities to support the learning of every student in the school.
Maintaining a harmonious environment can present a challenge to schools, given competing needs, time pressures and varying capacities or readiness to learn. A code of behaviour that has the support of the school community can go a long way to helping schools to meet this challenge successfully.

As a student of Presentation Secondary School, Wexford you are required to be:
Caring and respectful towards others
Committed to your study
Respectful of the rights of other students to learn and of teachers to teach

All students, parents, teachers and staff have the right to feel safe in their school. Our school promotes responsibility, respect, good manners and academic excellence in a safe, caring and effective learning environment.

Presentation Wexford Code of Behaviour. Updated June 2018.

Code of Behaviour 2018