Child Protection

  1. New “Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017” came into effect from 11 December 2017
  2. To view the Department of Education and Skills Circular Letter, 0081/2017, relating to these procedures, please click
  3. To view these new procedures, please click
  4. The Board of Management of Presentation Secondary School, Wexford has formally adopted a Student Safeguarding Statement that is required as part of these new procedures. To view this statement, please see below.
  5. With effect from 24 January 2018, the Principal, Mr. William Ryan, will present a Child Protection Oversight Report at each meeting of the school’s Board of Management.
  6. Any persons with child protection concerns are invited to contact a member of staff or the Designated Liaison Person (DLP), Mr. William Ryan, or, in his absence, the Deputy Designated Liaison Person’s  (DDLP), Ms. Mary Dooley or Ms. Caroline Ryan.
  7. This section of the school website will be used to provide updates to members of the school community in relation to general child protection matters.

Put simply, child protection in this school is all about safeguarding students against any form of neglect or physical/emotional/sexual abuse. Please speak to any member of staff if you have a concern about yourself or any other student.

William Ryan,


The below Policy & Notification were ratified on the 26th April 2023



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