Admissions Policy


Presentation Secondary School, Wexford is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School, under the trusteeship of CEIST (Catholic Education Irish Schools Trust) and is committed to the principles of the Presentation Educational Philosophy. The school supports the Religious and Educational Philosophy of its Founder, Nano Nagle.  Religious Education takes a central place in the life and curriculum of the school. At our school, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships that exist between our enthusiastic students, supportive parents/guardians along with the professionalism and dedication of our staff to ensure a holistic education for all our students.

Our school’s mission statement endeavours to give living expression to the ethos of our founder –   “Inspired by the vision of Nano Nagle, our school is committed to the pursuit of excellence in a caring respectful and inclusive community.” Our school motto is “Our Best, Always.”

The school is managed by a Board of Management (BOM). The admission of students to the school is a function of the Board of Management.

With effect from September 2018, the school will enrol 144 students into its 1st year group.  Enrolment is also limited by the requirements of the school curriculum and organisation as prescribed from time to time by the Board of Management and as determined by Department of Education and Skills (DES) regulations and standards.

This policy is set out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Education Act, 1998 and the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000. The school provides the curricular programme set down by the DES in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act, 1998.



1.) Having reached the required age: 12 on the 1st January in the calendar year following the girl’s entry into First Year and having completed Sixth class in Primary School or the equivalent standard of education.

2.) Be willing to accept the school ethos.

3.) Be willing, with parents/guardians to accept the school Code of Behaviour. Confirmation, in writing, that parents/guardians and their daughter accept the Code of Behavior will be required.



All girls applying for a place in the school must complete the official application form.

Application Forms are available at the school office. and on   It is advisable that parents/guardians apply for a place for their daughter when she is in 1st. class in Primary school.



Applications for entry to first year must be received on or before the last Friday in September of the calendar year previous to enrolment in the school.

The criteria below apply to applications received on or before the above closing date. If at any point in the process of enrolment there are more applications under any category than places available places will be awarded according to date of application. Information regarding current or past sister or daughter to current staff or past pupil must be provided to the school prior to the closing date for application.


All applications received after the closing date will be processed by date of receipt of application form only.

In the event of the school having more applications than places available, the following criteria will apply in order:

  •     Sister to current student
  •     Sister to past pupil
  •     Daughter to current staff
  •     Daughter to past pupil
  •     Date of receipt of application form


1.) Upon receipt by the school of a completed Application Form (in hard copy only), a copy of the form – signed and dated by the School Secretary – will be posted or given to parents within 7 days and the information contained therein will be placed on the school’s computer records. This information will be shared as necessary with the management authorities of other post-primary schools in an effort to prevent the holding of a place in more than one school by any individual student.

2.) Parents must contact the school if they do not receive a copy of their completed Application Form.

3.) It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school in writing of any changes in the detail contained on the Application Form.

4.) Within 21 days of the closing date for applications, the Secretary of the BOM will implement Board policy to allocate 144 1st year places based on the following criteria as determined by the Board.

5.) To be eligible for admission to the school in September of year of netry a girl must have reached 12 years of age by 1st January in that year.

6.) Should the demand for 1st year places exceed the available supply, the Secretary of the BOM will notify in writing the parents of girls to whom it is not possible to offer a place in accordance with the criteria above and inform them of their place on the waiting list as set out above.

7.) Parents have the right to appeal this decision to the BOM. Such an appeal must be made in writing within 14 days of the date of the letter refusing enrolment and is only admissible if it relates to the procedures involved in the implementation of the Admission Policy. Parents must state in their written appeal if they wish to have a personal hearing at any Board meeting called for the purpose of considering such appeals.

8.) A decision not to enrol a girl into the school may be appealed within 42 days of receipt of the BOM’s decision to the DES under the terms of Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998 (Section 29 Appeals Administration Unit, Department of Education and Skills, Friars Mill Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, N91 H30Y. Telephone: 0761-108588, web:

9.) The school will organise an Information Meeting in February of each year for girls who will be starting in 1st year the following September and their parents.


In the event of the school having more applications than places available, the following criteria will apply in order:

  •     Sister to current student
  •     Sister to past pupil
  •     Daughter to current staff
  •     Daughter to past pupil
  •     Date of receipt of application form.



In November of the year before the girls are due to start secondary school, offers of places will be made in writing and parents must confirm acceptance by returning the completed acceptance forms together with other stated requirements on or before the acceptance closing date (this date will be stated on the letter of offer).  If the place is not confirmed by the acceptance closing date it will be allocated to the next girl on the waiting list.



The expenses for new entrants will be detailed in the letter of offer.  Any parent/guardian who has difficulty in meeting these expenses is asked to contact the Principal to make an alternative arrangement.



The school asks for an annual voluntary contribution from families of students to support the running costs of the school.



A copy of this will be included in the documents requiring attention when a place has been offered.

There is an Information Evening for all incoming 1st girls and their parents/guardians in the Spring of the year of entry to the school.  Parents/Guardians will receive advance notice of the date and time. This meeting is a vital part of our enrolment process.  It is expected that parents/guardians will attend this meeting.



Presentation Secondary School welcomes girls with special needs and will use the resources, both financial and personnel, provided by the Department of Education and Science to make reasonable accommodation for girls with disabilities or special educational needs up to a nominal cost so that these students are free to participate in the life in the school in so far as is reasonably practicable.

While recognizing and fully supporting parents’ rights to have a school of their choice for their daughters, the school’s ability to provide for  girls with particular needs is dependent on the supply of resources, suitable to the needs of the individual student, being supplied by the Department of Education and Science.

The school welcomes applications from girls with special educational needs unless the nature and degree of those needs is such that to enroll the student concerned would be inconsistent with both the best interests of the student concerned and the effective provision of education for the other students with whom the student concerned is to be educated.

The Board of Management must be made aware of any special needs as early as possible, so that these needs can be assessed and addressed where possible.

Parents are requested to outline the details of their daughter’s special educational needs on the Application Form

The Board of Management, having gathered all relevant information and professional documentation, assesses how the needs of these girls can be met.

Contact will be made with the National Council for Special Educational Needs regarding special needs resources to which the student may be entitled.

The Principal may request a meeting with the parents of the student to discuss the application and their daughter’s needs.

The parents of the student may request a meeting with the Principal to discuss their daughter’s educational or other needs.

N.B.     It may take some time for the Department of Education and Science to process such applications. Parents are strongly advised to inform the school as early as possible and discuss their particular situation well in advance of making application.

As soon as is practicable, but not later than 21 days, after a parent/guardian has provided all the relevant information, the Board of Management shall make a decision in respect of the application concerned and inform the parents/guardians in writing thereof. (Education Welfare Act (Section 19 (3)).



Any request to transfer a female student from another second level school into Presentation must be made on the standard Transfer Application Form available at the school office.

The school will make every reasonable effort to facilitate a girl seeking a transfer to our school. The Board of Management will decide on applications for admission to any year other than First Year by applying the following criteria:

The Board will decide whether or not a transfer:  –

  • Is in agreement with school Admissions Policy.
  • Is in the best interest of the girl herself.
  • Is in the best interest of the school.
  • Is of educational benefit to the girl transferring.


All relevant information from former school/s is expected to be made available to the Board.

The Department of Education must approve the transfer.

A consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer may be necessary.

Where a girl is considered for a place, the decision will be taken by the Board of Management following consultation with the girl’s parents/guardians, her former school, relevant professionals and having regard to the school’s class size policy, available resources, DES regulations and any relevant Health and Safety concerns.

Should a girl’s application for admission to the school be refused the parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science, (Education Act 1998, Section 29 (d).)


Policy ratified November 2008


Amendments : November 2011, February 2012, March 2012, March 2018