Aware – Beat the Blues

13th November 2014

Dear Parent / Guardian,

On Wednesday and Thursday 3th / 4th December a representative from Aware will come to the school to deliver the “Beat the Blues” programme to all sixth year students. The programme is free and was delivered to 300 schools last year. “Beat the Blues” is a positive mental health programme that is delivered over 80 minutes and is aimed at building strength and resilience for the future.

The programme explores:
1.) Principles for good mental health and actions that can help.
2.) The importance of looking at the positive aspects of our lives.
3.) Why similar situations impact people in different ways.
4.) The role of core beliefs.
5.) How to prevent or recognise depression and anxiety.
6.) The importance of resilience and how to build it.

The programme also introduces the Coping Triangle, a useful tool which students can use in everyday situations to help relieve stress and understand what is going on for them.

Each student that attends will receive a practical workbook that incorporates key elements from the presentation along with exercises for them to reflect on in their own time. This can form a useful resource to revisit at times of stress in their life. The programme has been revised under the guidance of the organisation’s Clinical Director, Dr. Claire Hayes and is delivered by a professional trainer who has received extensive training from Aware. More information is available on

I hope that your daughter will participate in this programme as I believe it will be of great benefit to her. However if you do not wish your daughter to attend please write a short note in her journal and ask your daughter to show it to me.

Yours sincerely,
Brendan Brophy          6th Year Head.