LC & JC 2021 & 2022

19/08/2021 Assessment Arrangements for Junior and Leaving Certificate 2022

Assessment Arrangements for Junior and Leaving Certificate 2022


28/04/2021 Guide for Students for out of school subjects

Guide for Schools and Students on implementing the Accredited Grades Process for Out-of-School-Subjects and Out-of-School Learners


27/04/2021 LC Portal Reopening

  • The State Examinations Commission has announced the reopening of the Candidate Self Service
  • Portal between 12 noon on Tuesday 27th April 2021 and 6pm on Friday 30th April 2021 for candidates to review and finalise their level selection and their choices of examinations, Accredited Grades or both for the 2021 Leaving Certificate for each subject in which they are entered.
  • Candidates made their preliminary choices when the Candidate Self Service Portal opened in early March and this second phase requires them to review and confirm their final options for each subject. 
  • Candidates taking examinations will be able to change their subject level on the day of the examinations. 
  • However, the level in each subject which candidates select now will be their final level for the purposes of Accredited Grades.
  • All candidates are required to complete this process even if their choices have not changed since March.
  • Candidates, already entered for the 2021 Leaving Certificate, who did not register on the
  • portal in March will have the opportunity to complete the registration process and to make their final subject level choices.
  • This is the final chance to do this in order to be considered for accredited grades.
  • A comprehensive guide to this phase of the portal has been published on

09/03/2021 LC 2021 DES – Guide to the LC Portal


09/03/2021 LC2021 DES – Short Guide to the LC 2021

LC.2021.DES.Information for students, parents and guardians

04/03/2021 LC2021 DES – Arrangements for LC 2021


04/03/2021 LC202 School – Guide to Course work completion dates


04/03/2021 School – Guide to the LC Student Portal

Student Portal Information

04/03/2021 School – Key Dates for LC 2021

Leaving Cert 2021 Key dates

01/03/2021 School – Summarised version of the State Exams 2021


26/02/21 Information from SEC re: State Exams & Accredited Grades

Guide to State Examinations and Accredited Grades – 25 Feb 2021

22/02/21 Update re: State Exams 2021


19/02/21 Further information re: LC2021 can be found at link below

18/02/21 Information re: LC 2021 & JC 2021 – following DES announcement


01/02/21 Information re: Class Based Assessments for 3rd & 6th Years


20/01/21 Information re: Mocks 2021 for 3rd & 6th Years